The Best Brands of Canoes for Your Next River Adventure

Have you ever wanted to spend some quiet time with a lover or loved one on a beautiful river? Or maybe your a fan of water sports and your looking for a new avenue? Or are you that fisherman/fisherwoman who wants to visit local rivers you believe to have an abundance of fish?

Well, whatever it is I’m committed to finding the best canoe that you can afford.

Below, are the best brands of canoe based on category: whether recreation, fishing or water sport.

Best Canoes for Recreation


Canoe which carries up to 2 people and is best for average paddlers limited on transportation and space. The total length of the canoe is 14’6” and weighs around 52 lbs.

Pros: Folds into a compact case that can be fit into a small sedan, durable.

Cons: High price point, fold seams have higher chance of breaking than traditional canoes.


Canoe which carries up to 3 people and is best for families and fishermen that are looking for a great overall canoe with low price point. The total length of the canoe is 14’0” and weighs around 95 lbs.

Pros: Has drink holders molded into every seat in addition to a cooler, rod holder fixtures and a dry storage area. Durable and stable.

Cons: Heavy, may be challenging for one paddler and it is slow to paddle.

Old Town Loon 111 Recreational Kayak

Extremely lightweight kayak of only 45 lbs. Canoe carries only one person. The total length of the canoe is 11’1”.

Pros: Adjustable seat, large roomy cockpit, rear deck bungee rigging and paddle keeper, cup holder

Cons: The features of the kayak do not go with its retail price.

Best Canoes for Fishing

Old Town Twin Heron Angler Kayak

Canoe carries up to 2 persons and provides ultimate stability and control. The total length of this canoe is 13’6” and weighs around 62 lbs.

Pros: The front seat can be removed for either extra storage or even to bring a pet. Auto trim hull.

Cons: Lack of dry storage.


See review above.

Sevylor Coleman Colorado 2 Person Fishing Kayak

Canoe carries up to 2 persons and is very easy to drive; it also has a compartment to keep your belongings while paddling. This canoe weighs around 41.2 lbs.

Pros: Has a maximum capacity of up to 470 lbs and is extremely durable.

Cons: Does not come with a pump and paddle top, not the best in windy conditions can be blown off course.

Best Canoes for Water Sport


Canoe carries up to 2 persons and is best for experienced paddlers wanting an agile and fast canoe. The total length of this canoe is 12’9” and weighs around 48 lbs.

Pros: Fast, Extremely durable and great at tracking straight.

Cons: Not best for narrow rivers or streams, high price point.

Esquif Pocket Canyon T-Formex Canoe

Canoe carries up to two persons and the shape of the canoe prevents water from coming in. The edged corners make this canoe look ver sporting. The total length of the canoe is 14’6” and has a weight of around 59 lbs.

Pros: Durable and strong, edged corners give you extra balance in high waves.

Cons: The shape of the canoe isn’t for high speed.


Canoe carries up to 2 persons and is best for paddlers wanting to speed through flat water. The total length of the canoe is 17’4” and weighs around 83 lbs.

Pros: Durable and stable, can accommodate large paddlers, good storage space.

Cons: Lacks a hook area to tie up canoe.