The Most Popular Activities to Enjoy While on a River

There are a lot of fun activities that you can enjoy while on water especially now that it is springtime. These activities are perfect for both young and old and promise to be an exceptional experience for those involved. It doesn’t matter if it a small river or a large sea, engaging in water sport is a great way to relax and exercise the body also. Here are some popular activities you can enjoy while on a river

1. Fishing

This is by far the oldest form of river activity; it involves using a hook, line, and sinker to hunt for fishes in freshwater environments. Some people hunt for fishes for the aim of using them as food (protein source) or for just the fun of it (games). If you live close to the river, you might want to take advantage of this age-old river activity to have fun. Although to be able to engage in fishing, you need to have a boat or know someone who does. Fishing is a good way to relax your mind while in the water. You will also need to use a bait to lure the fish to your hook, worms, snails, or other little fishes are a good form of bait.

2. Kayaking

This involves the use of a kayak to move across the water. It differs completely from canoeing due to the sitting position of the kayaker and the number of blades on the paddle. While you can simply use a kayak to navigate on water and enjoy the wildlife, you can also fish from a kayak. All you need for a nice time kayaking is a kayak boat with paddlers and appropriate kit which usually include a life jacket, waterproof clothes, pair of goggles and a lot of energy to paddle the kayak along the water.

3. Canoeing

This can either be done as a sport or simply for recreation. It differs from kayaking as the canoe is more opened compared to a kayak and the paddle comes with a single blade. This is a fun activity to engage in if you happen to be close to a lake, pond, river, stream, and even on an ocean. It is also a good way to explore the wildlife and also exercise your body and mind.

4. Diving

Diving is a great way to explore under the sea. It is better to dive in clean and clear water where you can easily see the bottom of the water to avoid coming in contact with obstacles. You can swim with a school of fishes or capture the beauty of underwater using your go-pro. For those who are inexperienced at diving, it is better to dive from a low height or better yet use a gas mask so as not to run out of oxygen while under the water.

5. Boat Cruising

This is a great sailing adventure for members of the family or a group of friends. It is a great way to explore the seas while you lose track of time. All you need for a nice boat cruise is a boat, even if you don’t own one, you can easily rent one and find a great sailor to take you and the guys out on a nice sailing expedition.

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